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I know it sounds crazy but what if I told you that certain colors had the power to heal the body and the mind? I know, it sounds like something that developed from a hippie’s acid induced drum circle while waiting for Joplin to take the stage at Woodstock. In other words, is doesn’t sound like a theory with much merit—but what if I also told you that this theory is actually being practiced by many well respected medical professionals all over the world?

Oh, so I have your attention now? Great! We’ll dive right in.

We aren’t the only civilization to use color for its possible healing powers. In fact, color has been experimented with for over 2,000 years in order to reap the many mental and physical health benefits color is said to offer. Color was and still is often combined with light, whether it be from the sun or artificial sources, because light is also thought to provide many healing powers. This practice has come to be known as color light therapy or color “toning”, and the theories surrounding it are pretty remarkable.

Even though color light therapy is not a new practice, it is still thought of by the general population as a lot of new age hokum with no validity to it—though there are countless medical journals that suggest otherwise, (I’ll link some below). Even if you don’t believe the Science behind it, what do you have to lose in entertaining the idea? This treatment, in most cases, is not being used in place of traditional western medicine—instead, it’s being used alongside traditional medicines with pretty amazing outcomes.

Color light therapy is being used to treat over 400 diagnosed disorders from depression all the way to cancer. Still not convinced? You have probably fallen victim to a color theory trick or two without even realizing it. Some of these tricks seem quite innocent enough, but it has caused you to react to things in a way you hadn’t planned on.

I’m talking about advertising. Specifically that of fast food. You might think it’s merely a coincidence that many fast food restaurants use either red or yellow in their logos and many use both. This is because those colors can subconsciously evoke the feeling of hunger, and when the colors are combined, that feeling is even more powerful. Another trick is using the colors blue or orange which can often spark a person’s desire to buy an item.

Pretty powerful stuff, eh? Advertising isn’t the only way you have likely been effected by color or light therapy, though. Have you ever been groggy or downright fatigued before stepping outside but once outdoors you begin to have a little more pep in your step? A little more giddy up in your go? This is because when exposed to sunlight, your body begins producing vitamin D3 which is great for bone health but it also helps you with much needed energy and can act as a natural mood enhancer. This is why people often feel melancholy when it’s cloudy or raining but once the sun is out, their mood begins to improve.

Oh, but don’t take my word for it.  Dr. Teresa E. Quinlin, a physician in Columbus, Ohio says, “My experience with the lamp [Spectro-Chrome] is nothing short of stupendous. Burns, infections, pain, and cancer have all had remarkable improvements.”

It may not be a cure all, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have it in your arsenal of weapons used to fight your chronic illness and the symptoms that accompany it. Even if you don’t have access to light therapy, you can still harness the power of color in your home décor whether it be a change in wall color or small accents, adding color is proven to improve your mood, and many times, your health. So c’mon, let’s color your health!

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