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A Life With Meniere’s

I have a Meniere's disease support page on facebook and one of my followers shared something I had written a year ago that I thought I would share here with you fine folks. I have edited some of it to make it better…a writer is never satisfied with her own work. Thanks Geneva Santerre for reminding me of this poem and liking it enough to reshare it as a memory!


It's unseen by the naked eye

Though it’s written all over your face

The ringing, the discomfort, the nausea

The long dizzy days


The treatments are pretty useless

At times, it's impossible not to dwell

On the life lost to this revolving door

A never ending hell


You stifle down complaints

And slap a smile on your face

You anticipate the rainbow

Appearing at the end of the fog and haze


Life continues on without you

How you wish you could join in

Loneliness often engulfing you

As the bed proves to be your only friend


Guilt is a common theme

As it becomes more difficult to attend events

It’s hard to choke out the lyrics to “Happy Birthday”

When trying to hold back your stomach's contents


I hate to get graphic

But it’s the honest truth

Being trapped on a constant merry-go-round

Makes you want to puke


It makes you want to do other things too

Like cry and kick and scream

Anyone with Meniere’s

Knows exactly what I mean


You don’t want to make a big deal

You just wish they could fully understand

This isn't what you signed up for

This wasn't in your plan


You can try to explain it

You can try to help them see

But the only way to understand it is to live it

A fate you wouldn't wish on your worst of enemies


They could go to a theme park

And take a ride on something that spins

But even then they won’t fully grasp it

Because their spinning will eventually end


But your spinning goes on

The ground has been moving for years

No wonder leaving the house

Can flood you with so much fear


Because they cannot live it

Lack of understanding isn't really their fault

They will just never understand what life's like for you

Stuck on that spinning top…



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