Sleepy Time Shorts

Unwanted Guest

He came knocking and tapping

At my front door

The longer he tapped

The longer I’d ignore

The longer I ignored

The more pissed off he gets

He’s about to beat my door in

With his damn fist!

He starts yelling and screaming

“Let Me In!”

I say,

“Hell nah, you ain’t never been my friend!”

He says in a soft voice,

“I never meant to cause you any pain”

“ I want to make your life simple

Take away the storms and rain”

I say,

“You really got me messed up!”

“You must think that I’m insane”

“I ain’t opening up that door.

No matter how much you explain”

Then he gets real mad and says,

“You can’t stay in there all day!”

Then with frustration in every footstep

Death just walked away

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