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Living With Fibromayalgia

Some Doctors say that's it is "all in your head"…simply because they don't quite understand it!!! FIBROMYALGIA IS REAL! I would not wish this on my worst enemy!!! You're told to exercise, but at the sometime, you're experiencing chronic fatigue. When you lay down, you are even more tired than when you're sitting up. Headaches, muscle pain, fever, stomach problems…UGH!!!

Some think that I don't enjoy getting out. It's a struggle, really. Getting dress, putting on make-up, and combing my hair is an absolute STRUGGLE. By the time I'm finish, I want to lay down.

I know that there are worst things (illnesses) but, I just have to talk about mine…I talk to God a lot too. People often take small things for granted. I used too. . I've started my morning walk again. Short ones…yet so grateful!

Now the winter weather is fast approaching. There was a time when
winter was my favorite time of year! October is my birthday month and I just prefer being cold over hot, in general.

Though here in Texas (Houston) it snows every 10 years are so. I love to see the outside all white and the tree limbs covered with ice…But now!! I dread the cold weather. It is not good for FIBRO, and RA.

Last year I was confined to my home because I couldn't walk. I suffered from upper-respiratory issues, chronic anemia, and received 2 iron infusions. I had to measure my pain on a scale of 1 to 10…well it was past 10. I'm learning to live with pain.

So this year 2017 I made some changes. After 2 infusion I've been feeling better. I got my strength back, taking vitamins, and changed my diet. I'm still working on healthy eating habits. Proper diet is so important. I love walking and being outside. This summer I was able to get out more. Man it was hot here in Houston. But I refused to stay inside. I was also able to wash my hair, and care for it.

People take the basic things like that for granted. I thank God for making it possible. I also want to thank my beautiful baby girl Ijeoma Nnanna who suffers from Lupus.

I don't know what this Winter-time holds for me. But I'm ready. God will surely sustain me. I am sure of that. I am just so very thankful. This summer was a beautiful one. Every day is a sure Surprise. Thank you for reading My Story….

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