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My World With Chronic Illness

Hello everyone! I’m not sure really where to begin… I'm a fibromyalgia fighter who battles with depression and I have a sciatica nerve on my right side that doesn't like me at all! I'm also a member of the insomnia club (AKA no sleep).

I believe since my conditions are invisible, most assume I'm just having a ‘woe is me’ kind of life when in actuality, I struggle often just to get out of bed.

Let me break each down so you can understand my life a little better. Fibromyalgia is an ugly monster that constantly attacks my body by sending pains throughout my body that attack my nerves. So imagine if someone just gave you a hug and it feels as if someone is sticking you with needles throughout your body!

I've tried working through it but my body will no longer abide by an 8 hour shift. I've been suffering with fibromyalgia since I was 27 years old and I'm only 38 now. It has had me bed bound even though I use a cane.

I also have been dealing with my depression silently, until now. Depression is a whole other monster in itself. It imprisons you physically and mentally. Pain has a tricky way of changing you. This year has been extremely hard because I lost my job due to having a sciatica.

Sciatica for me makes it even harder to sleep because when I try and lay down, I have a sharp shooting pain than runs from my lower back through my right cheek down my leg making my foot feel like it’s numb.

You’re probably wondering how in the heck I function. Through prayer, tears, and the will to fight the invisible monster.

I have been a housekeeper since I was 19 years old and to hear the doctors say “Ms. Fletcher I'm sorry but you can no longer continue in your line of work.” I cried because that's all I know. Hell I even had my own cleaning service. I loved my job but I'm learning to love me more.

So I think I'll write a book while I go through therapy. I just ask that people stop judging what you don't understand.

As I write this to you please forgive me if it seems I jump around but my concentration has me feeling like I have writers block most of the time. I battle with my illnesses the best way I know how. I fight them head on!

I often feel alone because I can't do what I used too. I guess I’m just getting old. Please do me a favor and Google my illnesses to make yourselves better aware. Knowledge is power my loves. Until next time. Thanks for taking the time to share my world. XOXO

2 thoughts on “My World With Chronic Illness

  1. Dear Denise,

      I have a close freind with Fubro. She had it before it even had a name. It took a few years for her to have a name for it. She has had it for over 25 years. I see what it does to her and my heart goes out to you.


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