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The Essential Benefits of Essential Oils

‎Aromatherapy is guaranteed to evoke strong emotions. You are either in the group that believes it to be complete hokum, or you are among those that swear by it. Despite which group you belong to, few people know the history and origin behind aromatherapy which might hinder a person from being objective when deciding whether or not to try them.

Let’s have a bit of a history lesson. Hold on tight—this won’t take long.

Aromatherapy has roots in many different places. The Egyptians were the first to develop a machine to extract essential oils from plants. However, the Chinese were the first to use infused aromatic oils as mood enhancers. Hold on—I’m not done, yet. A Greek perfumer used the oil of Myrrh in his perfumes—yes, the Biblical Myrrh. While still, the actual term, ‘aromatherapy’, was coined by a French chemist after a burn incident sparked his curiosity about the healing power of essential oils.

Shortly after, a French doctor began using essential oils to aid in the healing of soldiers in World War II which helped to prove the medical benefits of these controversial oils. Today, essential oils have been widely used for the health benefits and healing properties they provide—this is done by either inhaling the scents the oils give off which is what we know as aromatherapy, but these oils can also be applied directly to the skin to treat a plethora of ailments.

Essential oils aren’t just hippy science. Much of it has been studied and verified. Below, we will outline some of our favorites so that you will be able to determine if any of them are worth a try. We hope you find this as interesting and helpful as we did!


That’s right. We decided to begin with one of the most well-known oils—the scent of which is likely found in many of your cleaning products and perfumes.

Lavender oil has been accredited for its ability to relieve pain, eliminate anxiety and stress, and enhance blood circulation. Lavender also comes in handy for those that suffer from insomnia or respiratory issues such as bronchitis, asthma, or the common cold.

Don’t worry. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the essential oil universe.


Chamomile is the second oil we will discuss. Is there anything this pretty white flower can’t do? You might remember that chamomile was first mentioned in our ‘What’s the Tea on Tea’ blog. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. It’s a good one!

So here we are, again—screaming from the rooftops about our love for this flower and how wonderful it is for you!

Chamomile can be used to remove toxins that cause infection in the body. This wonder flower can also relieve the effects of depression by eliminating the feelings of sadness, disappointment, and sluggishness. If you battle depression, consider using chamomile oils or teas to combat those sinking feelings.

Chamomile can also improve digestions and can treat arthritis. It also has amazing healing properties for the skin by diminishing scars and protects wounds from infection like an all-natural Neosporn. In addition, it boosts the nervous system and removes excess gas from the body.


No, not the Arabian Disney princess; however, the beauty of this white flower can rival that of Aladdin’s love interest.

Jasmine also has many healing benefits when it comes to depression and infection. This amazing little flower is also known to increase one’s libido. If you have a cough, grab some Jasmine essential oil to help reduce it.

Like many of the previous essential oils, this one also helps combat insomnia for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Something that many PCOS sufferers and some of our more mature readers may be happy to hear is the healing properties Jasmine has on our female troubles. That’s right, I am talking cramps and menopause!

As a natural pain reliever, it can lessen the pain associated with childbirth, as well. Don’t think just because you’ve had the baby, this oil’s job is done. It can also relieve some of that post-partum depression that may stick around. Don’t think we’re done with the female anatomy quite yet. This wonder flower can also protect the uterus from tumors. This oil has so many positive benefits for women that you are doing yourself a disservice by not at least trying it out!


Sandalwood is most commonly known for its woodsy, sweet aroma. Wood is in the name, after all!

Sandalwood is a popular ingredient in incense, perfumes, and cosmetics. That being said, the many health benefits should most definitely not be overlooked!

Do you suffer from brain fog? I know you do! It is one of the most common symptoms of any chronic illness. Sandalwood provides mental clarity, boosts memory, and combats that pesky brain fog that can be embarrassing and oh so frustrating!

Sandalwood has many properties that help to calm the mind and body. It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac which can often be important as a chronic illness warrior’s libido often suffers.

It doesn’t just provide help in the mind and bedroom areas, however. It is an awesome anti-viral and antiseptic which gives it the ability to fight infections of all kinds in the body. Studies have proven that sandalwood can also lower blood pressure and can relieve symptoms caused by endometriosis which is a painful condition caused by skin from the uterus growing outside of the uterus.

If all of that doesn’t seem appealing to you, try using it for its anti-aging properties, instead. There are so many benefits packed into such a tiny package.


If you have ever been burned by the glowing rays of the sun or have gotten too close to the stove while cooking, you may have been advised to put eucalyptus oil on the area either in the form of eucalyptus lotion, cream, or oil.

The leaves of this tree serves as the only diet of a koala bear despite the fact that it provides little nutrition to the animal and is actually toxic when ingested by the creature. No one said they were the Einsteins of the animal kingdom. Anyway, I degress.

The healing ability of eucalyptus doesn’t just stop with burns, however. It works on wounds and cuts of all kinds! In addition, eucalyptus can help treat many respiratory problems, also.

This amazing plant is also an energy booster by removing mental exhaustion, sluggishness, and lethargy. If you have muscle pain, use eucalyptus oil directly on the area to help sooth tired and sore muscles.

Oh, but that’s not all! This plant can also be used in your daily dental care routine and can help manage the effects of diabetes by helping control blood sugar levels. It is also used to treat or lower fevers and has been used in the treatments of Tuberculosis and Pneumonia.

Many people like to add this wonder oil directly to their bath water because of its refreshing and antiseptic attributes.

Despite the amazing benefits of eucalyptus, use with caution. This oil can be toxic when used in large quantities and can interfere with certain medical treatment so before you begin to use eucalyptus oil, please contact a medical professional.

Another word of caution is if you have a cat, DO NOT leave eucalyptus lying around. It can be toxic and dangerous for your feline companion so be sure to keep that in mind.

So there you have it. Some of our favorite essential oils for the amazing benefits of healing they provide. We are on so many medications already that any opportunity we have to heal ourselves a bit more naturally should be taken! We have provided all of the essential oils mentioned in this blog for purchase down below.

Pro Tip: Try combining the healing powers of essential oils with the healing powers of salt lamps by putting a few drops of your favorite essential oils directly on your salt lamp. To find out the healing powers of salt lamps, click here to read a blog all about it!


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