Stories from Fellow Warriors

What it’s like to live inside the mind of someone who has severe acute anxiety disorder

You start off your day just fine…

You’re humming along, and all the sudden you get this panic over you. For no apparent reason you are suddenly overcome with amazing fear.

Dreading what’s next.

Scared of what’s to come; almost as though the next door you walk through will be Michael Myers with a hatchet ready to cut your head off…but all you’ve done is turned on the coffee pot…

Inside your body, you are screaming, clawing to get out but you know that you can’t so you do the next best thing…take a deep breath.

You have to, as they say, put on your big girl panties and deal with it. So your coffee is brewed, Your shower is done you’re dressed with full hair and makeup. You are ready for the day.



le this war is still going on inside of you and tearing your insides apart.

You have indigestion, your stomach is turning and twisting as though you feel like it’s going to come out in a giant puke fest.

You can’t call in to work…what would you say anyway?

“I can’t come in today because I am crazy with my anxiety and bi-polar disorder so I can’t even…not today anyway.”

Yeah, that’s not feasible. If you did that every time the anxiety crept up, you would never stay employed.

So you go into public, greet customers, patients, the public…even though WW3 going on in your soul. These attacks don’t last forever, but they do come on strong. They do make you feel like your life is crumbling around you. And they are detrimental and hard to recover from. That’s just a snippet into a day in the life of dealing with acute anxiety disorder. It isn’t my only chronic illness, but it is the one I am struggling with most today.

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