Meet the Writers

Once upon a time in a far off land known as Northern Alabama lived the most adorable princess named Amanda. At seven years old, she had BIG dreams. She didn’t’t know it at the time, but life would throw a wrench in her BIG dreams in the way of a BIG illness…but more on that later.

All the way across the country in the hellish landscape known as Arizona lived another, slightly older but equally as adorable, princess named Quiana. She didn’t’t know it at the time either, but her future plans would also come to a halt when she too, would be stricken ill in a BIG way.

Although the two lived very different lives with a rather large—errr, I mean slight—age difference between them, God would one day bring them together for a BIG reason…

Princess Amanda knew at the age of seven, that she was sick. She wouldn’t’t be diagnosed until many years later, but until that day, she held on to the childlike hope that through the poking and prodding of doctors, someday soon, they will discover what is ailing her and she would be cured forever! She later discovered that she was so very wrong.

Meanwhile, the slightly older Princess Quiana decided to move to Northern Alabama. She got married, she had children, and she lived her life. She was entirely unaware as to what the future had in store…but as young adults do, she would dream about what the future would be like for her.

In the meantime, she befriended Princess Amanda’s family who lived down the lane—but she found Princess Amanda to be terribly obnoxious for she had grown to be the most sarcastic of teenagers…though Princess Quiana found Princess Amanda’s sense of humor to be very off putting, Princess Amanda found herself to be most hilarious, indeed!

During high school, Princess Amanda met a prince. She would go on to graduate high school and shortly after, marry that charming prince who didn’t’t seem to mind that she was plagued. Instead, together, they set off on a quest for answers…answers that would soon dash the BIG dreams that Princess Amanda had kept all these years.

On one fateful day, Princess Amanda was told by an evil doctor that what ails her is bilateral Meniere’s disease. She would later discover that this disease was caused by fluid in the inner ears which was causing her symptoms of debilitating dizziness, fatigue, vomiting (in the prettiest way imaginable), and a whole host of other symptoms. Worse still was that Princess Amanda would find out that there is no cure for such an illness!

She would later discover that not only is there no cure, but none of the treatments would quite work for her. This lack of control over her symptoms would cause her to lose control over her entire life! She would be unable to drive, unable to work outside of the home, unable to fulfill her BIG dreams. All of this resulted in her being unable to find a place where she fit in. She had spent her whole school career around becoming an aerospace engineer or an astronaut. I told you her dreams were BIG! Despite her years of hard work, the NASA posters she had hanging on the walls of her castle, and the special high school she went to just for their aerospace program, she knew this was one dream she would need to let go of. Lucky for her, she had many other interests to keep her occupied in the meantime.

Within the next few years, Princess Quiana had three beautiful children, so far. She got divorced from their father and moved back to the hellish landscape of Arizona with a new, much better prince. She got married to this prince and had another beautiful baby. After some time passed, she moved back to the far away land known as Northern Alabama, and resumed her friendship with Princess Amanda’s family. Finally, her and her prince bought a castle of their very own. That’s the condensed version in no particular order.

Although Princess Quiana was still very close with Princess Amanda’s family, she still wasn’t’t a huge fan of Princess Amanda—until one day when the ancient technology of MySpace changed everything!  **Cue flashback movie sequence music for full effect**

It was there that the two princesses discovered that they each shared a love of poetry and writing. This common interest would bond the two princesses together for life…

Princess Amanda also bought a castle of her with her prince and continued to cultivate her friendship with Princess Quiana until one fateful day when Princess Amanda would be torn away from Princess Quiana when Princess Amanda’s prince received a job offer that he couldn’t’t refuse! She would then move to the most humid of places in all the land (which did nothing for her hair, by the way)—Mobile, Alabama.

Now the two princesses would be limited to seeing each other just once a year when Princess Amanda traveled a great distance over the Thanksgiving holiday to spend Thanksgiving with her royal family while visiting her royal friends. Despite the distance, the two princesses remained the best of friends.

I will go back in time slightly and clue you in on the happenings of the dear Princess Quiana.

You see, Princess Quiana began getting sick before Princess Amanda moved to the land of humidity. Princess Amanda kept urging her to see a doctor for the constant cough and terrible fatigue that had been plaguing the dear princess for much too long.

It was nearly a year after Princess Amanda moved that princess Quiana sought the council of doctors for her many ailments.

That’s when another evil doctor, a different evil doctor than the one mentioned previously, immediately locked her up in a hospital tower! Princess Amanda jumped in her chariot and forced her prince to drive the five hours it would take to rescue her bestie, Princess Quiana.

Princess Quiana was given the news that she has congestive heart failure—oh but wait, just like in incredibly cheesy infomercials, there’s more!

She was also told she has Cardio Myopathy, severe asthma, and a spot on her liver. A few years later, she would also be diagnosed with diverticulitis. Basically, Princess Quiana had a great fall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t’t put the princess back together again.

The princess longed for the ability to detach from her rebellious body so she might lock it up in the dungeon as punishment—that was a feat that not even the slightly older princess could manage—so she settled for giving her body the silent treatment (which made all the time they spent together super awkward!)

In the next few months, Princess Amanda made it her mission to ensure that her best friend knew how to navigate this new and treacherous territory known as chronic illness. Because the two princesses were now on similar diets, Princess Amanda shared all of her knowledge of low sodium diets with Princess Quiana.

It suddenly became clear why the two princesses were placed in each other’s lives. It wasn’t’t just for their love of writing, DIY projects, and watching The Real Housewives on Bravo. They were put together so that this landscape of chronic illness, dietary restrictions, and modified lifestyle wasn’t’t so daunting to conquer because they wouldn’t’t have to conquer it alone.

Although they had each other, it still felt as though something was missing. It felt as if they had both lost a bit of themselves within their respective diseases…

Eureka! **That’s what princesses say when they have an idea**

They realized how to overcome the feeling that they have somehow lost a piece of themselves. You see, they remembered that they both love to write. They also realized that they now shared a unique experience of viewing the world through the eyes of someone who is chronically ill. A tough landscape to navigate, you can be sure.

That’s when this blog was born. They found that it would be a unique way to use their writing skills to help others fighting the same battles as they were. By sharing the knowledge they have learned—life hacks, feelings of depression, balancing a home life while being ill—they will be able to impart their wisdom (whether great or small) on those just beginning this journey or perhaps those a little further in the quest.

So there you have it. It’s not the fairytale our two heroines would have chosen, but it is the fairytale that has been bestowed upon them. Only they can make sure it ends with a happily ever after.

Now that you know the story of how they met, let me tell you a bit about who they are…

Amanda Webb

I was married at 18 in 2004 to a man I’m still madly In love with.

I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease shortly after.

I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and an odd obsession with goats with plans of owning some in the future.

I love God, friends and family, my pets, and being creative. In that order.

I have no children of my own but my husband and I have plans to adopt in the future.

I have always been an old soul and a complete individual. I thrive on being the only one like me.

I am fearfully, wonderfully, and UNIQUELY made and that’s how I like it.

Quiana Bellmon

I am a pushing forty and a native of Phoenix, Arizona but currently reside in Huntsville, Al.

I am a proud mother of four biological children and two inherited children ranging from the ages of 14 to 26..

I have 16 years (and happily counting) of marriage to my kindred spirit under my belt.

I am a poet, a one glorious time published writter, an avid crafter, and an amateur photogragher.

All of this while living with several chronic illnesses, the biggest of which is congestive heart failureThat just about

sums it up, me all wrapped up in a nice little straight jacket, I mean nutshell….