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Mondays are the Hardest

Mondays are the hardest for me…

I fill my weekly pill box each Monday morning. It’s like Russian roulette but in pill form—trying to get all the pills just right.

One pill for blood pressure and one for cholesterol from my heart attack at age forty-two. Three daily allergy/vertigo assisting medicines from my vestibular dysfunction that began at age forty-five which was a freak side effect from a uterine ablation gone wrong. Three daily pills for mood enhancement or as I like to call them, my ‘I won’t kill you today’ pills. After that, we have a daily aspirin to keep my blood flowing properly per my cardiologist. Next, we add in three fiber gummies to keep me regular, five biotin gummies to promote hair growth on my poor bald head, I have my mom and grandma to thank for the male pattern baldness. I have additional gummy vitamins I take along with herbals to help with vertigo.

My health issues would be really minor is you could just blot out the vertigo aspect of them. Being dizzy every moment of every day is not a life—it’s a damn rollercoaster ride that never ends!

I just wanted to end my menstrual issues with the uterine ablation but my body had other plans sending a blood clot to my ear/eye nerve and voila—permanent noise in the head, loss use of the affected ear, and a wobbly road ahead.

Monday’s are the hardest for me—filling my pill box, trying to plan a lunch date with friends, and get a vet appointment scheduled for my dog. Doing all of this at the time was NOT my smartest move.

Multi-tasking used to be my forte. I could groove to some music and perform multiple chores and works of craftiness. I used to even impress myself.

Now it seems that boat has sailed and I am now sure the Earth is flat and the boat has fallen off the map and it ain’t comin’ back!

After planning and canceling lunch with my friends in the same text message considering I realized I would no longer have the money for both lunch and the vet, I had to find a vet that takes weekend appoints, which is NOT easy, but I can’t handle my eighty-five pound dog/horse by myself due to the vertigo and so I need my husband’s help.

My morning has now turned into my afternoon and I am spent. It’s still Monday but my day is over. I need to rest so I can formulate a plan for supper when the husband comes home from work or else we will be eating cereal like a latchkey kid…again.

Still, I am blessed to be alive and I remind myself daily—don’t look down—

One thought on “Mondays are the Hardest

  1. My heart goes out to you.. Sending prayers and lots of cyber hugs your way. Today is almost over.. You made it through Monday.. That makes you a warrior! ???

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